Puppies Application


Here you will find our Puppy Application that must be filled out and approved to adopt one of our little beauties.

The following questions are designed to ensure you and your puppy are well suited to spend many happy years together as devoted companions. I want each and every puppy that I raise to go to a stable home where he/she will receive the level of love and care that he/she deserves, and I want you to be completely happy with your new baby! Each and every prospective puppy buyer is asked to fill out this application with honesty and openness and to return this questionnaire to me. Please note that filling out this application does not guarantee approval for a puppy. This application will help me determine if a Chihuahua is the best puppy for you and it will also help me learn something about where my Chihuahua puppy might be going to live. Keeping this in mind, please complete and submit this Puppy Application. Please complete this ENTIRE form. Missing information and incomplete applications will not be considered. If you cannot complete the application or have questions, please feel free to contact me. I reserve the right to refuse to sell to any person for any reason, if I feel it is not in the best interest of my Chihuahua puppies for whatever reasons! I WILL SELL TO FOREVER LOVING APPROVED HOMES ONLY!

Please provide me with any preferences for male/female, particular colors you prefer, coat length, long coat, short coat or any other specifics, I want your Chihuahua baby to be your perfect puppy! Please answer these questions honestly, then fill out the second page of information and email or fax it back to us!

Puppies Application
(Most of our puppies are around 3 to 7 lbs)
(check as many as appropriate)
The longer you work with them, the more you will be convinced that they can understand the human language.